Leena Eats…and Reviews: Sweet Square Dessert Bars

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Look what came in the mail!

If you would like to know more about my reviewing policy on Leena Eats, check it out here. Meet Sweet Square Dessert Bars, an internet bakery started by Samantha Page and Camilla Yates in Los Angeles, CA. You can check them out yourself here online. Not all treats are created round is their philosophy, and they wanted me to give their dessert bars a try. They hooked a sister up with a shipment of four different dessert bars. I am receiving no money for this review, the food was free, and Samantha and Camilla are fully aware that I am not a foodwhore who gives automatic good reviews for free food. Pinky swear.

Layer one of bar cookies.

Layer two of bar cookies.

I called over a few friends, and we put some hurtin’ on those bar cookies. Here is a review: Blondies

The blondie.

These were good. A very basic blondie, no assertive flavors, just good. Oatmeal Fruit Squares

The oatmeal fruit square.

These were pretty good, but overall, tasters felt the fruit to oatmeal ratio was off, with a bit too much oatmeal and not enough fruit. It was still good, just not great. S’mores Bars

The S’mores bar.

These bars rocked. Even though they were made days before and shipped across the country to me, the marshmallows remained soft and the perfect consistency. From the chocolate chips to the graham cracker sprinkles on top, ugh. One of the favorites of the group. Toffee Brownies

The toffee brownie.

These were hands down the winner of the group. A fudge-like brownie studded with toffee bits, this brownie was perfect. Not too heavy, and everyone loved the little toffee bits on top. For me, they made this brownie. The overall consensus of the group (which consisted of 6 people) was that this is a great bakery to order bar cookies from, even if it is only internet-based. The bars arrived quickly, with no damage, and tasted great days after they were baked. And those toffee brownies! Ugh! Cute packaging, good variety. We here at Leena Eats are fans of Sweet Square Dessert Bars. And we weren’t even paid to say that. ~LTG! ******************************************************************** Sweet Square Dessert Bars Samantha Page & Camilla Yates http://www.sweetsquare.net

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