Leena Eats: A damn good sandwich at SLOW in Berkeley

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A sandwich worth searching for: pulled pork shoulder with slaw, pineapple chile compote and aioli at SLOW in Berkeley. Is there anything more perfect to eat than a sandwich? Created by John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, so that he didn’t have to leave the table and stop gambling, this simple meal of two slices of bread with a filling is both compact and easy to eat. Up the quality of the filling, and you got yourself a damn fine meal. Case in point–SLOW restaurant in Berkeley, which you may remember from this delicious post. SLOW focuses on serving upscale restaurant food at an affordable price, so I was plenty stoked to try out their lunch menu. Their pulled pork shoulder sandwich had gotten great remarks on Yelp, so that was my target. Hot damn–what a sandwich. The meat was tender and juicy, the bread was so delicious, I could have eaten an entire loaf, and...

Leena Eats: Bakesale Betty’s Fried Chicken Sandwich, Pays For It Later, And Vows to Do It Again

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I’ve heard about it since I moved here 10 months ago. I’ve seen the massive lines daily outside the shop. And finally…I got to taste the famous Bakesale Betty’s fried chicken sandwich. What’s so great about it? Find out and peep more food porn after the jump. Reasons why this sandwich rocks: 1. It is fried chicken. FRIED CHICKEN. Nuff said. 2. It has this delicious slaw on top, with red onion, lettuce and I think a bit of cabbage. 3. It has a slightly spicy sauce on top, sort of like buffalo wings. The chicken was juicy and moist, and the crust flavorful. This was just the best fried chicken sandwich I have ever had. And I paid for later (damn you, IBS!), but let me tell you, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Some foods are worth the pain. GO EAT THIS! ~LTG! ***************** Bakesale Betty 5098 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, CA 94609 (510) 985-1213 Their...