Leena Cooks and Cans: Caramelized Onion Jam Update

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My caramelized onion jam canning post has been the MOST commented on post on my entire site—even during times when I have had to take a break from writing. Many of you have had questions about the details (the weight of the onions, do you need to pH test to can, etc). Some of you have said it is impossible for this to be safe to waterbath can for various reasons (too much oil, disagreement on the proper pH level for water bath canning food, etc). Since it has been three years since I posted the recipe, I decided it was a good time to write an update and combine my three previous posts on this topic (this one, this one and this one) into one. I made a small batch, tested the pH, and have made the recipe more detailed. Check it out! So first off, there has been one MAJOR change since the last time I posted about this recipe. My daughter. She still doesn’t nap, but she also...

Leena Cooks n Cans: Spicy Sweet Chile Jam for Tigress Can Jam October

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While living in Australia, I discovered a delicious food tradition in a local pub–an Asian-style sweet chili sauce. Aussies LOVE their sweet chili sauce on just about anything from chicken to burgers, but their favorite use is as a dip with sour cream and chives for potato wedges. The crispy potato gets coated in a layer of cooling sour cream followed by a light, slightly sweet, slightly spicy layer that is positively addicting. Three cities and one world-wide move later, and you will still find a bottle of Asian sweet chili sauce in my fridge, waiting for some fries or egg rolls. One of my favorite parts about knowing how to cook is learning how to create the dishes and condiments I am obsessed with, so I can have a constant supply. Needless to say, I was HELLA excited about this month’s can jam focus–chile peppers! Check out more food porn and my spicy sweet chile...

Leena Bakes: A Giant Lamington Cake of Happiness

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Tea time is what I miss most about living in Australia–a guaranteed excuse twice a day to drink something warm and lovely and nosh on a little snack, preferably something sweet. One of the most popular tea time snacks in Australia is the lamington cake, which could be as simple as a vanilla sponge cake rolled into chocolate and coconut, or as fancy as a dark chocolate cake layered affair with champagne mousse and thick shavings of fresh coconut. I was craving a similar dessert for an impromptu dinner party, and I just so happened to have a stash of coconut and homemade jam, so lamginton it was! And instead of painstakingly making each individual tea cake, I decided to make a giant cake version and just cut slices for people. Motivated AND lazy, people—I’m the best of both worlds. More food porn and the recipe after the jump. Where does the lamington cake come from...