Leena Cooks: Ruth Reichl’s Mushroom Soup

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Let me be crystal clear here–Ruth Reichl is my Tom Cruise, my Justin Timberlake, my Barbara Streisand. Very few people make me lose my shit. Ruth is one. She is the godmother of modern food writing who lived in the Bay area for part of her life (like me!), loved the world of food and writing about it (like me!), and was the last editor of the iconic Gourmet Magazine before it closed down (one day!). The fact is, while there are millions of food writers today in the world, it is difficult to find good examples of food writing career paths for people just starting in the field. Especially just ten years ago, when I was first starting. I immersed myself in the world of Ruth Reichl’s stories of a life filled with food, each accompanied by a recipe from that time. I literally and figuratively ate it up! More story, food porn and the recipe after the jump! When I first moved to...

Leena Eats: Dareye–Finally, good East Bay Ethiopian!

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Our spread at Dareye restaurant, trip #1. Delicious mesir watt! The East Bay is home to a LOT of Ethiopian restaurants. You might think this is a good thing, but it literally took me eight different restaurants before I was able to find enjoy. After two visits (one good, one not so good), I’m ready to make a bold statement–I like me some Dareye Ethiopian. First, let’s get the not so great aspects out of the way. This is a tiny restaurant, and sometimes, service gets backed up. This is common in just about every Ethiopian restaurant I’ve ever visited, so not a huge surprise. On my last visit, I waited for an hour to be served my food because a new server forgot to put my order in. While this sucked, the staff was incredibly apologetic, got me the food as soon as possible, and took care of the bill. I have never had such great customer service–especially...

Leena Eats: A damn good sandwich at SLOW in Berkeley

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A sandwich worth searching for: pulled pork shoulder with slaw, pineapple chile compote and aioli at SLOW in Berkeley. Is there anything more perfect to eat than a sandwich? Created by John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, so that he didn’t have to leave the table and stop gambling, this simple meal of two slices of bread with a filling is both compact and easy to eat. Up the quality of the filling, and you got yourself a damn fine meal. Case in point–SLOW restaurant in Berkeley, which you may remember from this delicious post. SLOW focuses on serving upscale restaurant food at an affordable price, so I was plenty stoked to try out their lunch menu. Their pulled pork shoulder sandwich had gotten great remarks on Yelp, so that was my target. Hot damn–what a sandwich. The meat was tender and juicy, the bread was so delicious, I could have eaten an entire loaf, and...

Leena Eats: Slow in Berkeley- Fancy food for cheap!

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I stumbled across Slow restaurant in downtown Berkeley when I was on the hunt for a cheap but delicious pre-movie meal. The restaurant had opened a few months earlier, and boasted a “SLOW” cooked menu at an affordable price. Although portion sizing can run a bit small on the mains, we were pretty impressed at what we found at Slow. Really good food, served to you fairly quickly at a decent price. More food porn after the jump. So as mentioned, we started with the puff bread as one of our appetizers. It was super tasty, but I wish we had ordered more, because between four people, it was gone in one second. We also started with an organic market vegetable crudite platter with hummus. This was also tasty. At the end of the meal, I just wanted to order more food and keep eating. I will definitely be hitting this place up again, perhaps to check out their popular lunch menu....

Leena Eats: More cupcakes from Love At First Bite!

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I heart cupcake pron. What else do you need to know? Love At First Bite is in North Berkeley, around the corner from Chez Panisse. More cupcake pron after the jump. Who hates a good cupcake? NOT ME. ~LTG! ************************** Love At First Bite 1510 Walnut Street Berkeley, CA 94709 (510) 848-5727 Their website