Gastro Friday: Out with the Baby Food Myths, in with the Global Baby Food!

By on Mar 2, 2012 in The Gastronomical Leena | 5 comments

After all my research into what I should and shouldn’t feed my baby daughter, the information I found was limiting, bland, and in some cases, problem-causing (remember some foods are movers, and others are slowers!). I had to wonder, What do infants around the world eat? Surely, the rest of world isn’t feeding their baby rice cereal and pureed sweet potatoes and unknowingly turning them into tiny constipation bombs, are they?! A nurse that runs a local moms support group told me once that the whole purpose in starting your baby on solid foods is to get them to eat the same food you do as soon as possible. So if I eat lamb curry, chicken enchiladas and lentil stew, shouldn’t my baby? Traditional parenting advice tells us no, bland is best, but as Dr. David Bergman, a Stanford University pediatrics professor, stated in this article, beware that there are a lot more baby feeding myths out...

Leena Cooks: Pot Roast for Baby!

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I’m not gonna lie. I’ve tasted the jarred meat baby food–even the gourmet organic brands, and they are all as flavorful as a dirty jockstrap (and that’s putting it lightly). So when it comes to making meat dishes for my baby, I can’t help but feel like I’m cooking for Roger Ebert–pureed foods that just so happened to satisfy an adult palate. The recipe and more after the jump. I’ve learned a lot over the past two months of making baby meat food. The first is that you will never, ever get your meat baby food as smooth as the food that comes from the jar. Ever. I can’t tell you how many pureed meat dishes I pushed through a fine mesh sieve, only to have all the good, tasty bits be left in the sieve, and just the juices left in the bowl below. The trick to getting your puree as smooth as possible is to use a higher ratio of vegetable...

Leena Cooks: Baby Food

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Guess who is eating solid foods now?! Miss Ella! We all knew this was inevitable. A food lover has a baby, the baby finally moves on to solid foods, and food lover goes crazy making gourmet food baby couldn’t possibly appreciate. I am SO there right now. One bite of oatmeal in, flashes of Baby Boom with Dianne Keaton ran through my head, and before I could move my gourmet baby food empire to the big city, I jumped back to reality. I had to. Because she got a hold of the bowl of oatmeal and flung it on the cat. Hey, I think I like this stuff! Feeding her has turned out to cause a mixture of feelings in me–pride and joy mixed with a good dose of humor and frustration. It is so freaking adorable when she opens her mouth wide for a spoonful of food. WHEN is the key word here. When she doesn’t open her mouth for food, she is busy jamming her hands/bib/shirt into her mouth....