Leena Eats: Brown Trout…Again!

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We came, we saw, we ate cheese.

So, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know by now why I fricking LOVE Brown Trout, the new restaurant in North Center. Great food, byob with no corkage fee, and possibly the world’s best bacon, which they shove on to everything they can. I have been back twice since then. Once just for their stellar burger, and again for a date with my man. It’s official, I am convinced: this place is slap yo mama good. And I like my mom. On my date, we started with their cheese plate, which involved the cheeses shown above on an incredibly adorable plate shaped like a mouse, and this side of crackers, golden raisins and stewed dates.

The accompaniments to our cheese plate.

The cheese plate was many hard ciders ago, so I can’t remember what was on it, but I do remember that we loved it. I do believe one of the cheeses was smoked, if that helps. And those dates? I was already a whore for dates as is, but when you stew them in port, my favorite dessert wine of all time, shit. I almost needed to have a cigarette after eating that deliciousness. For mains, I went with the fish special. Again, the old brain fails me as to what kind of fish this is (and Brown Trout’s website still isn’t up), but it was similar to sturgeon, a white fish, mild, flaky and delicious. It had a light herb sauce and crispy veggies.

My delicious fish @ Brown Trout.

This was a pretty good fish dish. Not as tasty as the sturgeon I had here before, but then again, nothing is as tasty as sturgeon to me. And to be honest, the fish dish didn’t stand a chance against what Adam got. Remember how I was dying to try Brown Trout’s ribs at Ribfest 2009? They brought them back as a dish on the menu!

Brown Trout’s Ribfest special.

The plate consisted of smoked bbq ribs, coleslaw, greens, their special corn, and a corn fritter type bread. Hot. D-A-M-N. Hot damn! First off, I would like to thank Brown Trout for bringing these little bits of kick-ass-ness back, and if you ever take it off the menu, just know you will be making a grown woman cry (and possibly cut you)(Kidding)(Sort of…). Second, I would like to thank my awesome husband, who is so nice, he shared these ribs with me even after he tasted their meaty goodness. The man is a saint, because I can’t say I would be as generous had I ordered the ribs. These ribs are tender, smoky and charred in all the right places. I could not stop eating them, and sadly, after tasting the ribs, the fish just couldn’t live up to it. We also tried their mac and cheese as side dish.

Mac and cheese at Brown Trout.

This is probably the only dish at Brown Trout I have not liked. It was very crunchy mac and cheese but didn’t have breadcrumbs on top. It was almost like the top was broiled or fried, and it made for a very awkward affair, sort of crunchy and hard, sort of soft, the cheese sauce not really helping much. That being said, the overall meal, much like my last two, rocked. Go here. And Brown Trout? Keep the ribs, and PLEASE keep the BYOB! It makes you infinitely more cooler, especially when I can bring beer that was made less than four blocks away. Thanks. ~LTG! ****************************** Brown Trout restaurant 4111 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60618 (773) 472-4111 www.browntroutchicago.com

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