Hi. I'm Leena. I like to can. Let me teach you how!

If you’re on this page, you either have an interest in learning how to can, or you really thought the link would lead to a photo of my cans. Which? It DOES! Just food-filled cans, not the ones attached to my chest.

Canning is a hobby I started for health reasons–I needed to eat a lot of good, healthy applesauce and was sick of options at the store filled with corn syrup. My mother, who is an experienced home canner herself that makes a rockin strawberry rhubarb jam, taught me how to properly use a water bath canner, and voila—Leena’s kick-ass homemade canned applesauce was born.

This little hobby soon grew into an obsession, and soon I was canning everything in sight and devouring as much canning literature as I could. Pickles, jams, relishes…you name it, I probably tried to make it and water bath can it into a glass jar! I just loved that for a little bit of work, I could enjoy a seasonal produce all year long! My homemade cans make great last minute gifts, are handy when entertaining, and frankly, the food just tastes better when you make it and can it yourself. And I will NEVER have pay $12 for a jar of pickled asparagus again!

This little obsession soon grew into a canning class that I taught first in Chicago and now in San Francisco known as Check Out My Cans! Workshops. SF workshops are currently being hosted through Hands on Gourmet, a great little company that teaches cooking experiences to large groups and private parties. I also teach private canning workshops in the home to interested parties. If you are interested in attending one of these workshops at HOG, or having me host a private canning workshop for you and your friends, contact me here for more info.