Leena Cooks: Toddler Pizza Making Party!

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I love pizza—making it, baking it, eating it, the whole shebang. I also happen to dig hanging out with kids (in a non-creepy way) and teaching them how to cook. The first time, it was with the world’s most adorable toddlers (who are now in grade school!) before I ever had kids. Then, I got to try it out with my own offspring, which proved adorable, slightly annoying, and delicious. I even had the crazy idea to teach teens how to make pizza dough from scratch, and that was…messy. So of course, what is the first thing I think about doing when we were returning a babysitting favor for a few friends with toddlers? PIZZA PARTY! Yeah. I may be insane. Or the coolest mom ever. It varies from day to day 🙂 The details on the set up and more after the break! So, first thing to do is prep the hell out of the recipe. For dough, this is my go to recipe, but feel free to use your...

Gastro Fridays: Gotta Teach Them Young!

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