Leena Cooks and Cans: Caramelized Onion Jam Update

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My caramelized onion jam canning post has been the MOST commented on post on my entire site—even during times when I have had to take a break from writing. Many of you have had questions about the details (the weight of the onions, do you need to pH test to can, etc). Some of you have said it is impossible for this to be safe to waterbath can for various reasons (too much oil, disagreement on the proper pH level for water bath canning food, etc). Since it has been three years since I posted the recipe, I decided it was a good time to write an update and combine my three previous posts on this topic (this one, this one and this one) into one. I made a small batch, tested the pH, and have made the recipe more detailed. Check it out! So first off, there has been one MAJOR change since the last time I posted about this recipe. My daughter. She still doesn’t nap, but she also...

Leena Cans: Buying a pH meter and testing my onion jam

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Time to test the pH of my water-bath canned onion jam For me, it all started last year around March. I was preparing for Tigress’s March Can Jam focusing on alliums, and was dying to can some caramelized onion jam. I must have read damn near ten canning cookbooks, and not one had an onion jam recipe. And with no tested, from a cookbook recipe to base my recipe off of, I had to resort to making a delicious onion relish. During the process, I learned that onions are a low-acid food and require a high amount of acid to be able to can with a water bath canner. This means it is trickier than usual to create a water bath onion jam recipe, because all of the ones I found were for pressure canning (and I don’t own a pressure cooker). Tigress even warned us that onions were prime subjects for botulism. Seeing that I was also seven months pregnant at the time and slower than a pig in...