Leena Cooks and Cans: Caramelized Onion Jam Update

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My caramelized onion jam canning post has been the MOST commented on post on my entire site—even during times when I have had to take a break from writing. Many of you have had questions about the details (the weight of the onions, do you need to pH test to can, etc). Some of you have said it is impossible for this to be safe to waterbath can for various reasons (too much oil, disagreement on the proper pH level for water bath canning food, etc). Since it has been three years since I posted the recipe, I decided it was a good time to write an update and combine my three previous posts on this topic (this one, this one and this one) into one. I made a small batch, tested the pH, and have made the recipe more detailed. Check it out! So first off, there has been one MAJOR change since the last time I posted about this recipe. My daughter. She still doesn’t nap, but she also...

Leena Cooks and Eats: FARMCurious’s 3 Cheeses in 3 Hours class!

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  Taking cooking classes inspires and fuels my passion for food and food writing. I don’t get to do them often, but when I do, I always find it such a pleasure. I recently had the joy of taking Nicole Kramer Easterday’s Three Cheeses in Three Hours class with her company, FARMCurious. It was partly in preparation to teach some classes with FARMcurious in the future (it always help to know the lay of the land before teaching). But as someone who enjoys making food from scratch that most people would think is impossible (like puff pastry or pickles), this was mainly for pleasure. And the class did not disappoint! This post will feature the mozzarella portion of the class. Photos and more after the break! The class was focused around making three different cheeses over the course of three hours: ricotta, fresh goat cheese, and mozzarella. I only had experience with...

Leena Cooks: Toddler Pizza Making Party!

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I love pizza—making it, baking it, eating it, the whole shebang. I also happen to dig hanging out with kids (in a non-creepy way) and teaching them how to cook. The first time, it was with the world’s most adorable toddlers (who are now in grade school!) before I ever had kids. Then, I got to try it out with my own offspring, which proved adorable, slightly annoying, and delicious. I even had the crazy idea to teach teens how to make pizza dough from scratch, and that was…messy. So of course, what is the first thing I think about doing when we were returning a babysitting favor for a few friends with toddlers? PIZZA PARTY! Yeah. I may be insane. Or the coolest mom ever. It varies from day to day 🙂 The details on the set up and more after the break! So, first thing to do is prep the hell out of the recipe. For dough, this is my go to recipe, but feel free to use your...

Leena Cooks: Dan Dan noodles

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The first time I tried dan dan noodles was at a little Chinese dumpling and noodle shop in Australia. It had a very dry sauce, made only of meat and spices, and was probably one of the hottest dishes I’ve ever eaten. My husband loved them, but I found the heat to be so overwhelming, I couldn’t concentrate on the other flavors in the dish. Indeed, this dish hails on the Sichuan province of China, one of the spiciest regions in the world. I decide to research my own dan dan noodle recipe, one I could tailor to both my husband’s and my own heat preferences. According to Fuchsia Dunlop’s book, Shark’s Fin and Sichuan Pepper, dan dan mian is a dish that is made differently by every street vendor. Her version includes no sesame paste, and focuses more on the clean flavors from the Sichuan peppers. While Food52’s recipe used douban chili paste, a spicy,...

Leena Cooks: Sichuan Chili Oil for Dan Dan Noodles

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If my husband had his way, he would eat Asian food for every meal. Doesn’t matter what kind or region–he’s not picky. He just craves the perfect balance of all the flavors—sweet, sour, spicy and umami–that Asian cultures around the world have adapted in their own special way. And bonus points from him if whatever he is eating has noodles in it (especially hand-pulled). Save for this one amazing dumpling shop in NYC, I am a bit more reluctant to dine at Asian restaurants, mainly because because they can be hit or miss. When they hit, holy shit—it’s amazing. But when they miss, I sort of never want to give it a try again. I know, not the best attitude for a FOOD WRITER to have, but at least I’m honest. And willing to change! I have been doing a fair bit of reading lately around Chinese cuisine. Specifically, I just finished the book Fresh...

Gastro Fridays: Gotta Teach Them Young!

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