Leena Eats: The Bay Area Food Guide

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For the past 14 months, I’ve had the pleasure of living in the Bay area of Northern California. As the finale to the 4 year birthday of Leena Eats This Blog, I thought it would be fun to compile a Bay Area food guide of all the deliciousness I’ve consumed over the past year or so. If you live in the Bay Area, are visiting, or just like to look at some good old fashioned food porn, this is the guide for you. Happy Eating! San Francisco Restaurant Anthony’s Cookies Arinell Pizza BiRite Creamery Chaya Brasserie Chez Spencer Dynamo Donuts Fleur de Lys Flour + Water Frascati Gary Danko Kitchenette La Taqueria Mission Pie Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous Rosamunde Sausage Tartine Bakery Tropisueno Wexler’s Woodhouse fish company East Bay Restaurants Berkeley Monterey Market Berkeley Farmers Market Gather The Cheeseboard/Cheeseboard Pizza Oakland Pho Hoa Lao Bay Wolf in Oakland...

Leena Eats: The Guide to Chicago food

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I had the pleasure of growing up in and around Chicago, so you better believe I’ve tasted my fair share of hot dogs and steaks. In honor of the 4th birthday of Leena Eats This Blog, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of links to all of my Chicago-related restaurant reviews. So if you like to eat and live in the Windy City (or plan on visiting it soon), this guide might just be for you. Enjoy the guide to Chicago eating after the jump! Chicago Restaurant Reviews Avec Blackbird Bleeding Heart Bakery 1 Bleeding Heart Bakery 2 The Bristol Browntrout 1 Browntrout 2 Chalkboard Chelsea Grill 1 Chelsea Grill 2 Custom House Dinkel’s Bakery Dorado Drew’s Eatery Frontera Grill Goddess and The Grocer Handlebar 1 Handlebar 2 Hema’s Kitchen Hoosier Mama Pie Company Hopleaf Bar Hot Chocolate Hot Doug’s Ian’s  Pizza 1 Ian’s Pizza 2 Katy’s Dumplings Lula Café 1 Lula Cafe 2 Lula...

Amuse bouche: Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Website

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A new website, Allergy Eats, is dedicated to making eating out easier for people who suffer from food allergies. It is a crowd-sourced tool that posts restaurants ratings based on how friendly the staff and restaurant is to allergy sufferers. Source: October 20, 2010 Lifehacker article *************************************** Amuse Bouche: Noun. Etymology: French: literally, entertains the mouth. A small, complimentary appetizer served at the beginning of a meal to awaken the taste buds. Leena Eats definition: a quick shot of gastronomic knowledge for the brain. ~LTG!