Leena Cooks n Cans: Raspberry Jam

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As I get older, one of the things I love most about being an adult is the ability to make the rules in your own life. Want to stay up all night playing video games? Do it. Pizza for breakfast? Why not! I particular enjoy making up holiday food traditions, ones I will force my future children to follow for years to come, whether they enjoy it or not. The first one I’ve decided on? Homemade brioche doughnuts filled with raspberry jam for Christmas morning. To me, nothing says decadence and simplicity more than a proper raspberry jelly doughnut, and after making some with my old culinary school friends in Chicago, I was hooked. I knew it had to be a special, once a year only sort of treat, because fried foods and my ibs aren’t the best of friends, so Christmas it was. And what is the key ingredient in raspberry jelly doughnuts? Say it with me–RASPBERRY JELLY! But since I...

Leena Eats: End of the summer raspberries!

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