Gastro Friday: The Kitchen of Alice Waters

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In honor of my two weeks of Chez Panisse coverage, check out Alice Waters kitchen courtesy of 7×7.com and Vanity Fair. What do you think of it? Is it as simple as you imagined? As green? What would you like that she has in your kitchen, or what do you think she needs? Please share in the comments! Happy Friday! ~LTG!

Leena Eats: The Big Cheese Penis, Day Two (Chez Panisse)

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I recently had the pleasure of dining at Chez Panisse Cafe, and not nearly a week later, I was invited to go try the restaurant downstairs out with new friends. What are the differences, you may ask? Well, the cafe is upstairs, less formal, and has an a la carte menu. The restaurant is downstairs, more formal, and has a set four course meal the chef changes daily. Cafe more affordable, restaurant more expensive. The first course of the evening was awesome—a refreshing and light tomato salad with ricotta salata and cucumbers. The tomatoes were juicy and tasted as only a tomato can taste in season, at it’s ripest, simply perfect. The salad had a cooling effect, which was great, especially considering that Berkeley was having a freakishly and untypically hot 100 degree F evening. More food porn and info on the meal and sticking to seats after the jump. I wish the weather...

Leena Eats: The Big Cheese Penis, Day One(Chez Panisse Cafe Photo Essay)

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Chez Panisse. The big Cheese Penis in Berkeley. Run by one of the America’s culinary greats, Alice Waters, this place has been on my radar ever since I picked up a Ruth Reichl book (my food writing idol,Ruth Reichl, worked at Chez Panisse in the 70s when it first opened). Chez Panisse, and it’s slightly cheaper but equally tasty counterpart, the upstairs cafe, pride themselves on serving simple, local, seasonal food. The concept is almost overdone in restaurants today, but for good reason—it tastes great, and Chez Panisse was certainly one of the first to cook by such a credo in the U.S. But the Cheese Penis, it don’t come cheap, so it had to be saved for a special occasion. So. Much. Food Pron. And yes, I mean food pron. After the jump! ~LTG! ******************** Chez Panisse Cafe 1517 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, CA 94709-1598 (510) 548-5049 Chez Panisse Cafe...