Leena Cooks: Chocolate Muffins with Passionfruit Caramel

By on Mar 31, 2009 in Leena Bakes, Muffins | 2 comments

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No muffin tops here! At least until we eat this muffin…then, no promises.

As promised, this is the first annual Monday of Leena Eats, where I will be talking about what I have been cooking lately. I was looking for a quick dessert to bake for a casual dinner party with friends, and I really wanted it to be chocolate, even though the only chocolate I had in the house was organic cocoa powder. That is when I happened upon Alton Brown’s chocolate muffin recipe from his book, I’m Just Here For More Food. All cocoa powder! Score! I made the muffins, which were pretty easy as far as muffins go, especially with Alton’s awesome cookbook. When they finished, they were good…but a bit dry. I dug around in my fridge until I found the magic ingredient: leftover caramel candy that never hardened! I originally made this recipe from Ina Garten on Food Network for New Years Eve. I also wanted to make it without a candy thermometer. The result was a caramel spread that did not want to be wrapped up neatly and given away. So I stashed it in my fridge until I could figure out what to do with it (and stole spoonfuls of deliciousness in the meantime). I also had some leftover passionfruit syrup from a sorbet I had made (super easy to make-frozen passionfruit puree, and equal parts sugar and water heated until sugar is dissolved). I stirred a few tablespoons into my caramel spread, and hot damn. I made some amazing passionfruit caramel, which I dripped over my chocolate muffins. And then I ate them. A lot of them. Probably more than I should have. And maybe I drizzled leftover caramel sauce into my mouth too. And some got in my hair. And I didn’t realize it until four hours later. Sigh. The troubles of being a gourmand! ~LTG!

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