Stickin it to “The Man”

By on Oct 2, 2007 in Improv, Leena Lives Life, Leena Travels | 1 comment

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So apparently, Australia is a quarantined country, which means there is a long list of items not allowed into the country. This poses a problem for me. I love food. There are certain food items I cannot live without. Namely, vanilla bean paste and Frank?s Red Hot. Frank?s Red Hot sauce makes anything taste better. Even garbage. While on a shopping spree in Milton, Wisconsin (shout out to the Rex family!), I happened upon the greatest items these humble eyes have ever seen. That?s right. A twenty-three ounce bottle of Frank?s Red Hot.

It’s like my giant bottle of Frank’s Red Hot ate several smaller bottles to produce this thing of beauty. Normal bottles are usually only a few ounces(the smaller bottle on the left). It IS coming with me. Even if my husband has to hide it in a balloon up his butt, Frank?s will accompany us on our trip. Where there?s a will, there?s hot sauce. ~LTG

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  1. Jamie

    19 Jan ’07

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    LOL. Yeah, dude. You can get that thing in there. When I we moved moved back to CA after BU some CA border patrol person wasn”t going to let me bring a few house plants, or something like that. JUst sneak it in. Mail it Fed Ex? Leave it with your mom until you have a permanent address. CA border patrol is probably more strict than Australian? LOL.

    I posted some pics from your trip up to my blog. Yay.

    Miss you.

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