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The Adelaide Fringe Festival happened in March, a four week festival of local and international artists of every kind; painters, comedians, musicians, theater, etc. It’s a pretty cool concept. The whole festival got started because Adelaide Festival didn’t hire many local acts to play, so the Fringe started as a way to promote up and coming artists. Now, Adelaide is the second biggest Fringe festival in the world, only Edinburgh Fringe has more people. We managed to rent an apartment in the heart of the city, which is where most of the Fringe events were happening. I guess really cool stuff just follows really cool people..it?s hard being me. My man had found a local improv group that was performing in the festival. We both took improv classes in Chicago, so we met up for a practice session with the group, and a week later, they asked us to perform in the Fringe! and We were pretty stoked. We did a few shows with this group and performed theater games like you might see on “Whose Line is it Anyways?” and “Thank God You?re Here” (Oz show). It was interesting to see the differences in performance styles and rules…we had people paying to watch us be idiots, which was a great feeling! This is a crappy picture of us in the Fringe…hey, I never claimed to be a photographer. I just eat really well.

The only bad part is there are not many more opportunities out here to improv after the Fringe. Oh well, I guess it?s time to start working on our musical act. Think Christopher Guest’s “Best in Show”, Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy singing “God loves a terrior!” Way too much fun. ~LTG ~LTG

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