Leena Eats: New year, new blog, new life!

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Leena Eats: New year, new blog, new life!

Cornbread just tastes better when it’s blue. And, you know, made from freshly ground corn.

You guys—Hi! I’m here! These last 12 months have been a doozy for me. My family embarked on a project that dealt with my chronic stomach conditions a year ago this week, and while you will hear more about it later, suffice it to say it was not a successful project. I got really sick, lots of hospital visits, etc. And have you ever tried food writing while sick? IT BLOWS. So, we’ve been doing our research for other ways to accomplish our project, and in the mean time, I’ve been rebuilding my life (for probably the fourth or fifth time in four years). That means working on staying healthy, getting back into exercising, and starting to get back into freelance food writing. And cooking/baking—I’ve been doing my fair share of that!

The photo above is my latest creation, a blue cornmeal cornnbread that I made using Tierra Vegetables’ freshly ground blue cornmeal.I purchased the cornmeal shortly after it was ground, and I store it in my freezer to keep it as fresh as possible. It is seriously SO flavorful, nothing like the store-bought cornmeal I’ve been used to. I can’t wait to use it in more foods. They had many colors, including a red one that I can’t wait to try.

Oh, and I may have baked another ridiculous Momofuku Milkbar cake for my husband’s birthday. Like this one:

Leena Eats: New year, new blog, new life!

Carrot cake layered with liquid cheesecake, milk crumbles and graham cracker frosting. NBD.

More photos and updates after the break!

Of course, I had my little kitchen helper, who is not so little anymore.

Leena Eats: New year, new blog, new life!

Let’s be honest: she’s just “helping” for a sugar buzz.

Since it was my husband’s birthday, and he loves all foods Asian, I made some dan dan noodles to accompany the cake. I’ll have to post a recipe later, because it WAS DELICIOUS.

Leena Eats: New year, new blog, new life!

The dan dan noodles, made with black sesame paste, homemade Sichaun chili oil, and black vinegar.

I’ve discovered the most kick-ass little book club that focuses on food books. It has been so fun to meet new people who love to cook and eat as much as I do, and I’ve really enjoyed the books we’ve read so far.

Leena Eats: New year, new blog, new life!

From my last food book club meeting—we read Fuschia Dunlop’s Sharks Fin Soup and Sichaun Peppers.

I’ve also been doing some freelance work here and there. I recently wrote this article on trying Indian dishes from all around the country, and this article on Indian condiments to try for Chow.com. Which led to some pretty awesome 1980s Indian cookbook covers, like the one below:

Leena Eats: New year, new blog, new life!

Madhur Jaffrey, looking like a proper Indian house wife (and not quite enjoying it!).

I also made most of the food photographed in the articles. It was a great experience, especially watching veteran Chow photographer Chris Rochelle photograph my food.

Leena Eats: New year, new blog, new life!

Chow.com’s photographer Chris Rochelle photographing some mango chutney. Makes me want to build a light box at home for my own food photography!

In addition to making this a year of life changes, I’m celebrating by doing a quick blog update in the next few weeks. I’d really like to start writing more about my adventures in motherhood in addition to food, so plan on seeing more of that here. But I’ll still be hungry, probably a bit mouthy, and more importantly, writing regularly!


Leena Eats: New year, new blog, new life!

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    4 Mar ’14

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    I own a copy of The Taste of India, too. Good cookbook; I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve cooked out of it but once. My copy is in much better shape than Berkeley PL’s is, though.

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