A little more Easter, a little more Leena style

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After we ate the bounty that the Easter bunny brought us, we had plans to go egg rolling with a friend from school.

It all started with my friend?s girlfriend, a nice lady from South Africa who would occasionally go to the beach with her family and hold contests of whose decorated egg could roll the furthest without breaking. She brought it with her to Australia, and now they get together with a whole group of people who not only roll eggs, but try to the win ?best dressed egg? award. We set to work at painting our eggs, which was really just using markers and gluing things to it. The markers were not such a great idea…it smeared the eggs and our hands, but it was cheap and quick. I made a punk egg

and a keg of cider egg. Look at the chick…it was all that was left at the craft store, and it’s eyes aren’t even straight. I thought it looked drunk, so I put it on the keg.

Adam made a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle egg (Donatello)

and a Homer Simpson egg (my suggestion!).

On our walk to our event, I couldn?t help taking a few pictures. I just LOVE the tree-lined streets leading to North Adelaide. It reminds me of walking through Lincoln Park in Chicago, just so pretty!

This is a shot of the city skyline, if you could call it that. Still pretty, nonetheless.

This where I spent most of my Easter:

Adam?s Homer got second place in the best dressed category. Did I mention I told him how to do it? So people threw?.

And the seagulls ate. They dove in out of nowhere and attacked our eggs!

Mine died in the first heat, but Adam?s two made it quite far until they exploded. That was pretty fun to watch.

Then we went back to my friend?s house and did mine and every Aussie?s favorite thing to do: bbq. We even had our first taste of kangaroo in steak form!

Thanks Andrew and Mel!

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  1. jamie

    17 Apr ’07

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    Love the eggs so much. The beach is gorgeous. Adam’s shirt kicks ass. Miss you guys.

  2. jamie

    17 Apr ’07

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    Love the eggs so much. The beach is gorgeous. Adam’s shirt kicks ass. Miss you guys.

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