Leena Cooks: Gluten-Free Turkey Gravy

By on Dec 14, 2011 in Gluten-free, gravy, Holidays, Leena Cooks, Main, Mains, Poultry, Recipes | 2 comments

A few years back, my sister in law started getting really sick. Everything she ate seemed to go right through her, and she lost a lot of weight for an already skinny person. After a lot of testing, they discovered she was a celiac who was allergic to gluten. Gluten is a protein that is commonly found in wheat and other cereals made into flour. It is what helps give bread it’s structure, and apparently, what makes celiacs sick. And after reading my food blog, she realized that a lot of foods she loves have gluten in them. Boo. So in honor of her, and the upcoming holiday dinner we are going to make together, I am on a mission to research and find delicious and uncomplicated gluten-free recipes. Today’s recipe: gluten-free turkey gravy made with pureed roasted vegetables.Recipe and photos after the jump. : Leena’s Gluten-Free Turkey Gravy : Inspired by my sister in law...