Leena Cooks: Methi Thepla (Gujarati fenugreek-stuffed flat bread)

By on Mar 22, 2010 in Flatbread, Leena Cooks | 0 comments

For my trip home from my first cooking lesson with my Lila Khaki, she sent along a bag of methi thepla. I took one bite of this fenugreek-stuffed bread, and proceeded to eat the entire bag, even as my father shouted from the front seat, “Save some for your mother!”  But you see, I couldn’t stop. Once I tasted that combination of spicy chile powder, the pungent fresh garlic and ginger, and the filling roti bread, I knew I would have exploded from lack of awesomeness the second the thepla left my death grip. I was saving the family, really. Cuz I’m a giver. I didn’t manage to get the recipe until my second cooking lesson, but I was shocked at how easy the bread was to make. When I heard stuffed flat bread, I was scared of how many steps this bread would take, but it took a total of one. One step to mix. Dump in bowl and mix. Done. Who knew Indian flat breads...