Leena Eats: New year, new blog, new life!

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You guys—Hi! I’m here! These last 12 months have been a doozy for me. My family embarked on a project that dealt with my chronic stomach conditions a year ago this week, and while you will hear more about it later, suffice it to say it was not a successful project. I got really sick, lots of hospital visits, etc. And have you ever tried food writing while sick? IT BLOWS. So, we’ve been doing our research for other ways to accomplish our project, and in the mean time, I’ve been rebuilding my life (for probably the fourth or fifth time in four years). That means working on staying healthy, getting back into exercising, and starting to get back into freelance food writing. And cooking/baking—I’ve been doing my fair share of that! The photo above is my latest creation, a blue cornmeal cornnbread that I made using Tierra Vegetables’ freshly ground...

Family Food Photography in Oakland

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Food photography and family portraits don’t typically go together, and they sure as hell aren’t the most searched terms on Google. But if food is your life and you have a family, eating together is probably the one time that your family is the most themselves, the most comfortable. Capturing those moments on film are a no brainer for this food writer, and I have been incredibly lucky to stumble across an incredibly talented food and family photographer in Oakland. Guys, meet Mark Estes of Mark Estes Photography. We’ve been working with Mark for two years now, and he has been amazing. He is creative, fun, and always willing to tackle unique shooting locations. The shot above was done at a local pizza joint called Slicer, which just so happened to be empty on the day/time we went, and had perfect lighting. The pizza shop is the first venture for chef Colin Etezadi, who...

I’m back and filled with more food than ever!

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Hey there! Sorry for the several month break there. I have been busy chasing after a 1 year old (she is one now!!), dealing with hospitalizations (yay IBS!) and eating my weight in summer produce. Here’s a quick review of what you’ve missed. First, and most importantly, Ella turned one! She REALLY got into her cake eating. Big surprise there—she IS my offspring! For her first cake ever, I made her a delicious chocolate cake topped with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. She loved it. She also loved staying up until 11pm, which is what happens when you flavor your chocolate cake with real, caffeine-filled coffee. Joy. Since the birthday party, I have been baking enough pies to feed an army of hungry goats. There is just something about the summer and all it’s seasonal fruits that turn me into a crazy baker. Luckily, this pie obsession has not rubbed off on my...

Happy Holidays from Leena and her various holiday cat costumes

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Happy Holidays! ~LTG!

Amuse Bouche: A new threat to national security?

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Mission: Readiness, a group of retired military officers, has declared school lunches a threat to national security because they’re making students too fat to join the armed forces. The rest of the country noticed this a decade ago, but since the group is filled with retirees, we understand why they may have been a little slow on the uptake. Source: April 20, 2010 Slate article ************ Amuse Bouche: Noun. Etymology: French: literally, entertains the mouth. A small, complimentary appetizer served at the beginning of a meal to awaken the taste buds. Leena Eats definition: a quick shot of gastronomic knowledge for the brain.

Adam Bakes, Leena Eats: Hazelnut Brown Butter Cake

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Hazelnut brown butter cake, made by Adam. Hey guys. Leena Eats is going under another makeover, which we hope to have live by March 1st. In the mean time, you get to enjoy several guest posts while Leena works hard at her new website. And lucky for you, Leena has some interesting friends to keep you busy, including a husband, the owner of a creative ad agency, and a scholar who just happens to love food enough to travel for it. And can I just say how appropriate is it that Adam’s guest post about making my birthday cake is appearing on his birthday, when I will be making his birthday cake?! Enjoy. This was truly a delicious cake! ~LTG! **************************************************************************************** Hi everyone. My name is Adam, the amazing partner of one LeenaEats. If you’re a regular reader here you likely already know how awesome I am… which...