I’m back!!!!!

By on May 23, 2008 in Gastronomy degree, Leena Lives Life | 8 comments

And I’m eating well! Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon. Hello, fellow food friends. I have safely landed in Chicago and I am slowly but surely starting my life back up again. The past two months have been hands down the most STRESSFUL of my life (my Aussie nickname was Stressbunny, if that is any clue). Between finishing my 15,000 word dissertation, moving twice in a week, FIVE flights home over 48 hours, moving in with my parents (yup, married and living with my parents?l am officially the COOLEST PERSON ON EARTH. Bow to me now), finding a job (anyone want to hire an attractive, intelligent food writer with great research experience? Ruhlman, want to write a book with me?), and another apartment in the city, I barely had time to shower, let alone blog. Lucky for you, I showered this morning. And blogged a bit. Life in Chicago has been?different. I already miss the amazing...

Lamb Curry

By on May 9, 2008 in Leena Cooks, Mains | 6 comments

Lamb curry with mango chutney As my time quickly winds down in Australia, I realize I should be enjoying this time. I should be taking extra trips to the ocean, maybe visiting some more wineries or hugging a couple extra koalas. Instead, I am working hard to finish my dissertation, sell my apartment, move home and find a real job. And you know, if I have time, solve world hunger, the war in Iraq, and decide who the Democratic presidential candidate should be. Shouldn?t be too tough. Just today, I found out it was going to cost $700 to ship my beloved cat Nugget home, $500 to get home the glorious food books I have acquired. The four bottles of wine I sent home with my brother (to save money on shipping, of course) were detained in LAX airport thanks to a ridiculous policy held by United Airlines (which was not on their Web site, thank you very much), and my partner chipped his tooth...