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It has been a long week. Look at me. I’m dead tired from school work and my first week as a sandwich artist (NOT as easy as it sounds), and a bit stressed out from my medicine woes and oh yeah, having my partner pass out in front of me. This is one stressed out chick. I have a stomach condition that is triggered by eating bad food (mainly just the foods I love like bacon, sausage and cheese) and stress. It is called IBS, and it hurts me a lot, so I take a pill twice a day for it. They don’t carry this medicine in Australia, and the replacement medicine made me feel like I was drunk and nauseous all day. So we’ve been fighting with the government trying to import my meds from the States. A girl I go to school with screams and runs away whenever I talk about it, because she calls it an over share (but I fail to see how this is possible when 1. she asks me about it and...