We have a home!

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It?s been a while since I posted last because we?ve been without the Internet, so prepare for a long one, folks. It?s been a scorcher out here in Adelaide these past few days. We?ve been in the high 30s and reached 40 yesterday (between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit), which just goes to show that too much of a good thing isn?t always so good. We pulled a stupid tourist move the other day and tried to jog in this weather and nearly passed out. It was so hot, I was forced to bare it all and run in my sports bra and let me tell you, I have not shown the belly since at least summer of 2000. That is how hot it was! But good news?we got an apartment! We moved in on Valentine?s Day, and are slowly but surely making it home. It?s a two bedroom apartment in the heart of the city; within a block of Rundle Mall and some of the best restaurants the city has to offer (would you expect any less from...

And on the third day, there was Dill Pickle

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It’s technically still the 28th in the States, but here in Australia it is March 29th, the great day of birth of the best big brother ever. Happy birthday, Dilip! Sometimes he lost me in huge theme parks, sometimes he made me eat soap. One time, he and the babysitter put a bunch of random stuff together from the fridge, baked it and forced me to eat it when I was too young to protest. I vaguely recall blueberries and onions. Thank god he outgrew that stage. Happy birthday, big brother. Way to be born! ~LTG

Rainy days suck more than watching a fishing show marathon.

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I hate rainy days. Sometimes I think I’m part plant. I love the sun THAT much. Today was a rainy day in Adelaide. I understand that eating when you are upset is not a good thing, but when the hell have I ever listened to authority? Look at this beaut! This is my solution to a rainy day. Well, a rainy day in Adelaide, the official start of winter. Boo. It also means water and tons of humidity. I loathe humidity. And reading about 17th century English medicinal habits and how they relate to the period?s food. I love toasted coconut. I love homemade marshmallows. That made this little gem my best friend…t least until I ate him and all of his delicious brothers. It reminds me of the Kraft toasted marshmallows my mom would buy for us around Passover time (you don’t need to be a Jew to appreciate these bad boys!) but these are fluffier and don’t taste as processed....

Stuff it up your pizza, bitch.

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So I am sure you are wondering what exactly I do all day when I am not hard at work in school. Hell, I often wonder that myself. I am proud to say that I have the attention span of a monkey on acid, and just as much self control. That means that if I study at my house, whatever I am reading will keep me occupied for an hour at most, and then it starts making me hungry (every paper is about food. Can you blame me?). I try to calm my hunger down by reading some food porn, usually Gourmet or Bon Appetit, or if it?s particularly bad, I?ll start surfing my food discussion boards for some hardcore stuff like full out dissertations on the 10 course meal someone was served at Topolobampo. But that inevitably makes me hungrier, so I scheme for something amazing and porn worthy to make for dinner. And then I go shopping for the ingredients. And then I get home and its time to start making it....

Please don’t let me kill again

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I forgot to feed my hamster. My old cat was always so pissed when I left, she left me little presents on my bed?and couch?and lap. And I once knocked over an entire kingdom of huge fat sea monkeys by throwing a football into my bedroom without looking first. Needless to say, I suck at raising anything. But if I ever want to have little Leenas one day (and I do mean one day very, very, very FAR away, MOM), I have to learn how not to kill or seriously fuck a living thing up. And since those sea monkeys shattered my self confidence, I decided to start small. Everyone, meet Sherman. He?s my basil plant. And I almost killed him by going crazy on the few basil leaves he had when I purchased him (I?m a sucker for caprese), but thanks to some self control and H2O, he keeps on truckin. I don?t get a ton of sunlight on my balcony, and I?m not quite sure how much water is too much. He?s not even...